Recommendations for taking photos when preparing documents for traveling abroad

Your face must be open for the photo, you must refuse to wear light-colored clothes and other accessories, no hats are allowed, and glasses or contact lenses must be removed.

Preparing for the photo:

  • Your face should be open for the photo. This means that your hair cannot cover your eyes.
  • You should also avoid light-colored clothing, hats, scarves, or other accessories that obscure your face, hair, or neck. Hats are not allowed!
  • If you wear glasses or contact lenses, you must take them off when taking pictures.
  • Women are advised to wear low-key makeup, and their skin color should be natural.




The photo should show a close-up of the head and upper shoulders. The face should occupy 70−80% of the vertical size of the photo (determined visually).

Head position

Положення голови

Head rotation should not exceed +/- 5 degrees from the frontal position in any direction. The person must have a neutral facial expression and a closed mouth and look directly into the camera.

Glasses and eyes

Окуляри та очі

The eyes in the photograph must be clearly visible; light must not be reflected in the glasses and the lenses must not be dark. Sunglasses and glasses with tinted lenses are not permitted).If possible, avoid large frames. The frame should not obscure the eyes.


Головні убори

Hats are not allowed!

Style and lighting

Стиль і освітлення

The person in the photograph must be depicted with open eyes and a clear facial outline; hair must not obscure the eyes.



The requirements for photographing children are somewhat relaxed, namely: line of sight, facial expression. However, the child should be at rest in the image (no chair backs, toys or other people should be visible behind them). The person should look at the camera with a neutral expression and closed mouth.



The baby’s photo must be taken in accordance with the above requirements. The orientation is vertical, however, a photo of the infant lying on a white or light gray sheet is acceptable. Alternatively, the infant may be photographed in a child seat, with a white or light gray background. The eyes are open, the mouth is closed, and the hands of the person supporting the baby should not be visible in the image.

About photographing children

  • The child should be alone in the photo, with no chair back or toy visible.
  • The child should look at the camera with a neutral expression and closed mouth.
  • If possible, the infant’s photograph should be taken in accordance with the above requirements. The infant should be photographed in an upright position, but it is acceptable to photograph the infant lying on a white blanket. The child’s eyes should be open, the mouth closed, and the hands of the person supporting the child should not be visible.
  • The photo should show 70% of the face, clear contours, white background, on high quality matte paper without defects.
  • The photo must be printed using the classic wet photo printing method, not inkjet printing.