Passport issuance

To obtain a foreign passport, you must have with you:

  • a document certifying the identity of the applicant (including the e-passport in the «ACTION» application);
  • When issuing a passport, a verification procedure is carried out. The applicant visually checks the personal data entered the passport;
  • If the applicant has not received the passport within a month from the day of its arrival at the Passport Service center, it is returned to the relevant territorial body/territorial unit of the State Migration Service for safekeeping;
  • If the applicant has not received an issued passport for traveling abroad within a year from the date of its issuance, an employee of the territorial body/territorial subdivision of the State Migration Service warns the applicant in writing about the destruction of the passport if it is not received within two years from the date of its issuance;
  • You will be notified by SMS when the foreign passport is ready.


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